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Opening its’ doors in September 2011, Sparwood Treehouse Daycare is a non-profit society that is operated by a voluntary Board of Directors consisting of parents and representatives within our community.  



We are committed to being a community leader in providing quality childcare services while supporting each individual family we serve.



        To be a leader in childcare services in the Elk Valley 


Sparwood Treehouse Daycare is a play-based program that responds to the interests, needs and abilities of children to nourish the holistic child. 


Sparwood Treehouse Daycare is open from 7:45-4:15 Monday to Friday with the exception of STAT Holidays.  Sparwood Treehouse Daycare prides itself on providing a healthy working environment for our hard working and dedicated staff.  In order to preserve the mental health and well-being of our staff and to avoid burnout, Sparwood Treehouse Daycare has scheduled closures each year.  Any scheduled closure days that are not STATs will be communicated to parents via e-mail as well as indicated on the monthly child attendance calendars, these closures will be reserved for Professional Development Days.


Sparwood Treehouse Daycare is license for 41 children from 10 months to 5 years.  ​Our outdoor play space is completely enclosed and is divided into three designated play areas to accommodate outside time for all rooms at any given time during.  

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Our Infant and Toddler Room has a license capacity of 12 children from 10 months to 35 months.  Our Infant and Toddler room maintains an adult to child ratio of 1:4 at all times.  ​

3-5 ROOM

Our 3 – 5-Year-Old Room has a license capacity of 21 children from 30 months to school age (a child that has not yet entered grade 1).  Our 3 – 5-Year Old Room maintains an adult to child ratio of 1:8 at all times.


Our Multi-Age Room has a license capacity of 8 children from 10 months to 5 years.  The Multi-Age room is used as a transitional room in the morning and evening, or as necessary throughout the day to ensure adult to child ratios.  Our Multi-Age Room maintains an adult to child ratio of 1:8 at all times.

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Our Daily Schedule and Program Planning provide and encourage the following:

  • Social development of children

    • Providing an environment for children to work independently and to share and work cooperatively in small groups

    • Providing an environment that fosters positive behaviour in children

    • Helping children appreciate differences and respect the personal feelings and property of others

    • Providing opportunities for social interactions that help children develop appropriate skills for social relationships

    • Providing experiences that facilitate a child’s feeling of belonging to family, community and the world at large.

  • Physical development of children

    • Indoor and outdoor activities that encourage the development of large and small muscle skills appropriate to each child’s level of development,

    • Activities that promote the development of self-help skills,

    • Activities that encourage good health and safety habits

  • Intellectual development of children

    • A flexible daily program that responds to the individual needs and interests of the children

    • An environment that facilitates the development of concept-building skills such as classifying, ordering, determining direction and perceiving spatial relationships,

    • Activities and materials that foster a greater understanding of the environment. 

  • Creative development of children

    • Activities and materials that encourage creative endeavors such as art, music, movement, imaginative play, story-telling and construction.

    • Provide opportunities to foster the children’s creative freedom and individuality.

  • Emotional development of children

    • Helping children develop a positive self-concept and an accurate perception of self

    • Helping children express positive and negative feelings in appropriate ways

    • Providing a comfortable atmosphere in which children feel proud of their cultural heritage and cultural sharing is encouraged


Our Daily Schedule includes time for active and quiet play, indoor and outdoor play, group and individual play, rest (sleep), toileting, nourishment, and sensory play.  More specifically, each room completes program planning for their learning environment as well as weekly activities. 

  • Fine Motor/Manipulative Centre

  • Art Centre

  • Sand/Water/Sensory Centre

  • Dramatic Play Centre            

  • Books/Quiet Centre

  • Block Centre

  • Program Planning – Weekly Activities includes planning for:

    • Outdoor Environment Set-Up

      • The outdoor environment is planned and set up as an extension of the indoor environment. 

    • Teacher Directed Activity

      • Each day a teacher directed activity will be implemented which will included but is not limited to math concepts, science experiments, music & creative movement, cooking, language & literature, games, social development, field trips, special days & celebrations, family or community invitations. 

    • Art Activity

      • Each day at least one art activity will be planned and offered.  

    • Circle Time Activities

      • Each day, circle time will be conducted by a teacher which will included but is not limited to games, music & creative movement, action rhymes, reading aloud, learning concepts, visuals, flannel/magnet boards, and experiments. 

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