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Type of Contract                                                                                       10 – 35 Months                                3 – 5 Years
Full Time
•    Guarantees 5 full days per week
•    Maximum of 200 hours per month                                                              $1200                                            $975


¾ Time 
•    Guarantees 3 full days per week; or 5 days per week with a maximum of 5 hours per day
•    Maximum of 100 hours per month                                                                                   $1000                                             $750


½ Time
•    Guarantees 2 full days per week; or 4 days per week with a maximum of 5 hours per day                           $800                                             $500


Drop In Hourly Rate
•    Minimum charge of 2 hours
•    Charged in ½ hour increments after the first 2 hours, to a maximum of 4 hours
                                       $15                                               $12


Drop In Daily Rate
•    5 hours to a maximum of 9.5 hours per day                                                                             $70                                               $60

  • Fees are charged based on the child’s age, not classroom enrollment

  • Drop In Care is not guaranteed and is only available upon request and at the discretion of the Daycare Manager

  • An Extended Care Fee of $10 will be charged if a child uses 9.5 hours or more per day. 

    • This fee is charged per child

    • This fee will be charged each day that the child is in attendance 9.5 hours or more

    • Invoicing for Extended Care will be distributed within the first 5 working days of the month for the previous month and must be paid in full within 10 business days of the invoice date. 

  • A discount of 10% will be given to clients that have two or more full time contracts.  The discount will be applied to the lesser expensive contract. 

  • One flex month will be offered per child per year, excluding the month of December.  Flex months are offered after three months of enrollment.  A flex month allows a client to pay a lesser contract fee according to actual hours attended. 

**The B.C Government is currently offering a rebate to parents of children who attend approved centers and will pay up to $350/month for full time Infant and Toddler contracts and up to $100 for full time 3-5-year-old contracts. 

The Affordable Childcare Benefit has now replaced subsidy, anyone seeking financial assistance with childcare fee's can access information and apply by visiting 

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